The Basics

For simplicity, print out this shopping guide that you can keep as you shop or eat out. The second page is a blank template so you can fill in your favorite foods to make shopping easier. You will find there is an endless combination. Make the farmer’s market or grocery store an adventure for the whole family. You’ll save a lot of time knowing what you eat and not having to go down all those pre-packaged processed aisles. I know the “convenience” factor may be challenging in the beginning but trust me, we have shortcuts too…and oh so much tastier!

You will need to start reading labels and be aware of what you are consuming. You will be shocked at what you see if aren’t already reading them. I will elaborate in the coming days on each of these Basics as well as provide my recommendations and what works for me. Please ask any questions in the Forum Q&A section. We are here to support you in your journey for a smokin’ hot, healthy YOU.

The Basics:

  1. Think Clean eating

  2. Think Fresh quality

  3. Think Farmers Market even if you’re in Costco

  4. Think ‘what is the best quality I can afford’

  5. Think ‘it’s possible to follow in a restaurant and/or traveling’

  6. Think good for the WHOLE family

  7. Make the BEST choice you can in any situation.

  8. Plan Ahead and Clean out the Pantry!

  1. EAT PROTEIN (beef, poultry, fish, seafood, lamb, pork)

  2. Eat Vegetables (no corn…more on THAT later)

  3. Eat Fruit (unless weight loss is a goal – then 1 serving/day)

  4. Eat Healthy Fats (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil – cold pressed)

  5. Eat Nuts (limit if weight loss is a goal – no peanuts, its a bean – all others ok)

  6. Eat Eggs (unless you have an autoimmune issue then see if you have improvement without them)

  1. AVOID GRAINS (no bread, cereals, pasta, rice, deep fried coatings etc)

  2. AVOID STARCHES (no potatoes, yams, beans etc),

  3. AVOID DAIRY (especially in beginning then selectively add back on an individual basis to see if it’s ok for your internal system)

  4. AVOID SOY (its not the same as it used to be…see CORN)


  6. AVOID PROCESSED “ANYTHING” (I’m not comfortable calling it ‘food’)

If possible, buy…

  1. Grass-fed / pastured meat

  2. Nitrate-free bacon & sausages

  3. Wild caught seafood and fish

  4. Organic, fruits and veggies

  5. Raw nuts – not roasted

  6. Free-range, Omega-3 eggs

  7. Take Omega-3 liquid supplement (i.e. Carlson or Nordic Naturals)

We are all individuals and how we approach anything may likely differ especially when it comes to food. Some people may jump in 100%, some will go with the 80/20 rule and some may want to see if they can make it a single meal without the bread basket. It doesn’t matter how you start but I can promise you that once you begin to feel the benefits of eating Paleo, it will make it easier and easier to become more diligent and that boated feeling that you always THOUGHT was normal and the extra layer of squishiness that we believe is genetics or age, you will see that it is a direct result of what we eat.

Listen to your body – once you start feeding it nutrient dense foods, your stomach and brain will communicate again and there is no longer a need to count calories or impulsively eat based on a sugar addiction trigger. You’ll eat when you are hungry and very often find that you’re more satisfied for a longer period of time. That may not happen right away as all the excess sugar that the Standard American Diet consists of may take 7-10 days to be out of your system based on my experience.

It’s not about being the perfect purist – its about starting on a path – right where you are.

Read the Success Stories for inspiration and motivation, read the Recipes for new ideas and of course, ask questions…we’re here to help you on your way to A Better You..Today!

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