1-Day Workshop

The Palm Springs Plan™ is a comprehensive and effective program that enables people to make faster, safer and efficient progress in the full spectrum of their health & well-being. By adopting an evolutionary lifestyle and ending the struggle with food and your body, you will empower yourself to have true health and vitality.

Take the first step with our one-day workshop before jumping into the full immersion of the multiple-day lifestyle adventure retreats.

Experience workshops in sunny Palm Springs or in your own town.

Experience The Palm Springs Plan™ where it was born amongst the swaying palms, bright blue skies, healing hot mineral springs and nurturing, majestic mountains of San Jacinto or experience the program closer to home, in your natural environment, where we travel to you. You’ll meet other people in your community discovering and practicing The Palm Springs Plan™ which will benefit and support you in your journey.

The one-day workshops are the best introduction to transforming your current body and habitual life into a vision that is alive and vibrant while looking, feeling and being your ultimate best.

Open to all levels

Whether you are relatively inactive or an athlete, you’ll find our one-day workshops enlightening and challenging. Especially ideal for those who want to perform at their best, end the battle with excess weight, heal flexibility issues, diabetes, celiac disease and gluten-sensitivity, allergies, depression and other inflammation and autoimmune issues.

What people are saying about “The Palm Springs Plan™”:

I have been practicing The Palm Springs Plan or as close to it as possible for about 5 months with great results. My blood pressure is at an all time low…my prostate is no longer enlarged and the “plumbing” is like new again! I lost my excess body fat I gained over the years and have my physique back from my late 20’s. I have much more energy and my joints feel better.

I lost 10 lbs and 75 points off my diabetes…in 2 weeks! Now that makes me on the low side of normal.  I didn’t even know I was on a diet! What a nice surprise. It’s really so easy and delicious…I’ve never felt better.

Thanks to The Palm Springs Plan, I lost 70 lbs in less than a year. I look and feel much younger both physically and mentally. I’m flexible again and my joint stiffness is gone. The experience, support and easy to follow guidance is the key to my continued success.

What you will learn

You will have the opportunity to learn first hand from Michelle Globis, Founder of The Palm Springs Plan™. I offer you the power to take your health and well being to new heights. This 7 hour introductory workshop will introduce you to all the fundamentals that will allow you to increase stamina and energy, lose weight, increase flexibility and fitness, reduce inflammation and autoimmune symptoms which sets the stage for reversing or preventing the common diseases of today.

We will cover:

*  The Palm Springs Plan™ approach to health & healing

*  The components and principles of an evolutionary lifestyle

*  Essential nutritional guidelines to lose weight, get fit and reverse disease

*  How to reverse the damage caused by inflammation and autoimmune disease

*  Integrating easy, fun, natural and efficient exercises

* Learn how to transform you circumstances into opportunity

* Tips on implementing The Palm Springs Plan™ in your life.


**Participants need to bring water, bag lunch and wear weather appropriate casual exercise clothing.

Waiting to sign up for The Palm Springs Plan™ workshop? Don’t wait too long, we regularly sell out. Save money and ensure your spot by booking early!



Michelle Globis, Founder and CEO of A Better You Today and The Palm Springs Plan™ has been inspiring and guiding others in their health, fitness and nutrition for over 25 years. Michelle is an international workshop facilitator, speaker, trainer and consultant to businesses, groups, individuals and…can help you.

Learn Michelle’s universal “Plan for Life” that was born out of her own crippling health challenge and the simple nutritional & lifestyle adjustments that healed her completely when dozens of doctors and tests could not. Michelle was featured in the French Documentary “Paleo Fitness” (August 2010) with Erwan Le Corre, Founder of MovNat, on M6 Zone Interdite (the French equivalent of ’60 Minutes’) and “Fit for Fun” (June 2010), the number one fitness magazine in Germany.



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