Michelle Globis

fully flexible again

Suffering from a mysterious inflammatory condition that left her partially paralyzed and her doctors baffled, Michelle Globis, a proponent of a grain-free lifestyle, healed herself through nutrition, losing 35 pounds in the process. As founder of The Palm Springs Plan, she uses her skills as a gourmet private chef, wellness coach and food educator to help set others on a path of optimum health and vitality.

“Integrating my 20+ years of health, fitness and nutrition experience with a grain free, sugar-free diet and paleo|primal evolutionary lifestyle, I’ve never felt better. I’m lean and fit with full flexibility and no inflammation, my bloodwork superb, full of energy and passionately mindful about life! All of my physical suffering was caused by grains and their masquerading forms…and was simply reversed by eliminating them. Why couldn’t anyone in the medical community tell me that instead of offering exploratory surgery?”


Michelle Globis: Private Chef, Wellness Coach & Food Educator

This journey was born out of a crisis in her own health. She believes no one should have to experience the feeling of helplessness and resignation that your body and life are stuck in an unhealthy place. Imagine yourself healthy and happy all while eating and sharing delicious food to your hearts content. It’s her pleasure to share her story and provide some hope and inspiration. Michelle is available as a Private Chef along with customized programs, workshops & lifestyle retreats, special events, tools and resources in order to find what you need in becoming A Better You…Today.

Learn Michelle’s universal “Plan for Life” that was born out of her own crippling health challenge and the simple nutritional & lifestyle adjustments that healed her completely when dozens of doctors and tests could not. Michelle was featured in Palm Springs Life, the French Documentary “Paleo Fitness” (August 2010) with Erwan Le Corre, Founder of MovNat, on M6 Zone Interdite (the French equivalent of ’60 Minutes’) and “Fit for Fun” (June 2010), the number one fitness magazine in Germany.

Michelle is also passionate about the work of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, of which she is Ambassador for Greater Palm Springs and so many local charities including Desert Arc and AIDS Assistance Program and is currently developing programs to improve quality of life for their clients.

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