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The Basics

For simplicity, print out this shopping guide that you can keep as you shop or eat out. The second page is a blank template so you can fill in your favorite foods to make shopping easier. You will find there is an endless combination. Make the farmer’s market or grocery store an adventure for the whole family. You’ll save a lot of time knowing what you eat and not having to go down all those pre-packaged processed aisles. I know the “convenience” factor may be challenging in the beginning but trust me, we have shortcuts too…and oh so much tastier!

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So, you want to eat paleo…

If you want to know the whole biology and science behind an evolutionary lifestyle such as Paleo, Robb Wolf’s “The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet” is mandatory reading. He takes complex biological issues and makes them palatable and he’s so funny that you’ll laugh out loud yet still be in awe of what we don’t know about our bodies and what they need. Read more »

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Welcome to A Better You..Today!

My intention for this website is to help people successfully implement the paleo diet, to inspire people to think consciously about the food they consume and to provide a place to find and share information, support and resources as it relates to our health and healing. A place where people are motivated to make a better choices in the foods that they eat and the activities they participate in order to improve the quality of their lives. It is all connected…physical, mental, emotional and yes, even spiritual. Improve one and feel improvement throughout.

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