Monthly Archives: January 2012

Resolutions or Results

Happy New Year! As we are a week into it, I wonder how many people have already given up on those brief moments of certainty when they could visualize the changes they wanted to make in so many areas of their lives…weight loss, stop smoking, start a business, be more adventurous, be kinder…the list is endless. The “resolution” is easy…the follow through is where we get stuck, the doubts creep in and overwhelming thoughts of not knowing where to start and to do it in a way that FINALLY sticks and just becomes part of your natural life. So many people have expressed to me their desire to end the fight with food, their body, the battle in their minds over relationships and wondering why they repeat patterns in their life that ultimately don’t really work for them. There is a way through and nobody is doomed if they choose to make a change no matter how small. Read more »