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Halloween Candy

Halloween can be scary when thinking of the ingredients in all of that pre-packaged candy. You can try making tasty, healthier treats for your family like Elana’s Pantry does – although I alter her recipes if I want to try one because I don’t use agave nectar or grapeseed oil as she does – replacing them with raw, organic honey and coconut oil – this option of homemade also works with hosting or going to a Halloween party but we know the “trick or treaters” and their parents frown on homemade treats for a number of reasons…some frightening…and not in a good way! So what is a healthful minded person to do…

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Food Day 2011

In my world, every day is Food Day but today is the first national Food Day according to and brings additional awareness to the public about the real benefits and need to eat real food not only in our homes but also in our schools and communities. Food Day is an opportunity to Read more »

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