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Welcome to A Better You..Today!

My intention for this website is to help people successfully implement the paleo diet, to inspire people to think consciously about the food they consume and to provide a place to find and share information, support and resources as it relates to our health and healing. A place where people are motivated to make a better choices in the foods that they eat and the activities they participate in order to improve the quality of their lives. It is all connected…physical, mental, emotional and yes, even spiritual. Improve one and feel improvement throughout.

Our starting point will be with the paleo diet – also known as primal diet, caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet – and the tremendous benefits and results that I and so many others have received from incorporating this ancestral heritage into our 21st century lives.

This website is the direct result of the urging from so many family and friends that demanded that I share the results of my own experience and provide an easy way for others to begin to incorporate the paleo diet into their own lives. I can simply share what has worked for me and try to make it as easy as possible for others to start the process. Here you will find Discussion Topics in the blog, an interactive forum to read and share success stories, share what works for you in incorporating this style of eating in your day and lots of tasty recipes because sometimes its hard in the beginning to know WHAT to eat – even though its very simple. Of course, we all need inspiration and after a while you will want to change it up and explore new food horizons. Ah, food is a great pleasure and should continue to be so even as we nurture our bodies and provide the best that it needs in order to serve us in optimal health and imagine looking and feeling great in the process.

Use the Q & A section to gather support as you proceed and find you may need some guidance, clarity or suggestions in making better choices for yourself and family.

Because people who know me know my standards of quality, I have multiple daily requests of where I find and buy ingredients as well as what I specifically use in recipes. Let me tell you, it is all about the ingredients. When you have high-quality and appropriate ingredients stocked in your pantry and refrigerator, meal prep becomes a breeze. For those who are interested, I have provided an easy resource at The Store to find the ingredients that I use and where I buy them in addition to other essentials, books, dvds and services that I have found informative and inspirational in my journey to live a lifestyle of health and healing.

Let’s begin and enjoy A Better You…Today!

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