Resolutions or Results

Happy New Year! As we are a week into it, I wonder how many people have already given up on those brief moments of certainty when they could visualize the changes they wanted to make in so many areas of their lives…weight loss, stop smoking, start a business, be more adventurous, be kinder…the list is endless. The “resolution” is easy…the follow through is where we get stuck, the doubts creep in and overwhelming thoughts of not knowing where to start and to do it in a way that FINALLY sticks and just becomes part of your natural life. So many people have expressed to me their desire to end the fight with food, their body, the battle in their minds over relationships and wondering why they repeat patterns in their life that ultimately don’t really work for them. There is a way through and nobody is doomed if they choose to make a change no matter how small.

First, be kind to yourself. Now, there is a difference between indulgence and kindness. Justifying behaviors because “you deserve it” or are acting compulsive may feel good in the moment but you are ultimately sabotaging yourself. Truly be your own best friend and treat your self compassionately.

Second, realize that EVERY day is New Years Day. We are not limited to any particular day in the year when we can begin to making positive changes in our life. In fact, every second is an opportunity to make a different choice in what we want to eat, do or be. You ate a piece of chocolate cake…so what…acknowledge that you made that choice, enjoyed it and decide to make a different choice at the next meal. Every moment is another chance to turn EVERYTHING around. Seriously, I’m going to say that again…this present moment, right now, you can think of a new vision, make a new choice and take action. And now…and now…and now…each moment is teeming with possibilities for you.

Third, be aware when “fear” is speaking – thinking you can’t do it, believing you’re not good enough or don’t deserve happiness, success, a fit body, a healthy relationship, financial abundance…on any level. These thoughts frequently rule our actions, keep us stuck and hinder our growth. Often we are on automatic pilot and are unaware of the damage these limiting thoughts are having on our psyche and quality of our lives.

Finally, there is help. Lack of information is not an issue in our “plugged in” society. Sorting out that information can be truly overwhelming and “paralysis by analysis” is a common ailment. We have so much information that we often fail to take even a single step in the right direction. There is no miracle pill that will fix everything in your life. Do some research, write in a journal, talk to someone who has experience, seek guidance, listen to your body, listen to that small voice that tells you when you’re on the right track and most importantly, TRUST YOURSELF.

Wishing you all an amazing year of transformation, vibrant health and abundance on your journey to A Better You …Today!

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