Take Your Power Back!

Take your power back! Why is it we let the scale dictate how we live our daily lives? If we have a good day? Or a bad day? If you’ve noticed giving the scale this amount of power does not help you lose weight. It also does not give you better self-esteem. It does not help you to listen to your body more. It does however tell us if we are losing or gaining…but what are we losing or gaining? Are we losing fat…or water weight? Are we losing muscle or gaining muscle? The scale cannot answer these questions for us? We need to be smarter than the scale. So how do we go about doing that?

1. Ask yourself if you are capable of using the scale as a positive tool for healthy weight loss. Meaning, you can get on it once a week (or once a month is better) as a means of making sure you are on the right weight loss track. If you obsess about the scale night and day or weigh yourself several times a day then it might be best to throw the scale out the window…and never look back. There are so many other ideal ways to monitor weight loss that that create positive momentum.

2. Get to know the Tape Measure! Learn to measure certain areas of the body on a weekly or monthly basis and keep a record. You will notice inches lost often before you see weight loss on a scale. Celebrate inches lost more than numbers on a scale!

3. Another great weight loss tool is to test body fat %. Just like measurements this number means more to me and my clients than the scale. I want to see fat % drop and lean muscle mass increase. Why? Well I want clients to maintain their weight loss permanently and massive weight loss without lean muscle gain will end just like any other diet. Skinny without muscle definition is not healthy or strong.

4. Be aware of your thoughts! Yep this is so important as you are on the fat loss journey. You have to assess where you are mentally and emotionally on a regular basis because our human tendency is to fall back into old habits. Those same old habits that did not get us where we planned to be in the first place. Are your old thoughts creeping back in? You must start to be aware.

5. Lastly, just love every imperfect inch of yourself. It is so important to remember that weight does not dictate the worth of a person. There are so many other factors involved – and one person at 150 lbs looks very different from another person at 150 lbs. You are an individual. Your life’s journey in unique and special. Loving yourself and respecting your body allows your body to work with you instead of against you. It can happen and needs to happen for lasting and permanent fat loss and ultimate health.

Do these things for 2 weeks and I know you will feel and see a significant change in yourself. You are what matters…not the scale!

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