Sharon Garofalow

Private Chef Dinner

A few weeks ago, I had the splendid opportunity to cook for a really fun, amazing family and their friends who rented a fabulous vacation home in Palm Springs. There were 6 adults, 2 children & 1 adorable baby girl who loves sweet pepper slices! I was recommended to them not only because of my reputation for fine, delicious food but especially because of their need to address their son’s wide-ranging food allergies and to be able to create a dinner for everyone around those restrictions.

Sharon, mom extraordinaire, party planner and photographer of the above photos, wrote the most wonderfully detailed review of the dinner on her website, Cupcakes and Cutlery:

You can also see that she’s so creative…lots of really fun party ideas for every occasion as well as being a wonderful photographer… great shots of their Palm Springs vacation and bumping into Marilyn Monroe…check it out

photo credit: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes & Cutlery

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